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DreamRide: Follow Cyclist Mike Hopkins Across The Country (Video)

by Joseph


Even if you’re a hardcore bicycle enthusiast, the realities of our physical world mean that you have to put your bike in a car or something to see all the different terrain the United States of America has to offer. Not so in dreams, though, or in the short film DreamRide, staring cyclist Mike Hopkins.

We all know that in dreams your location can change instantaneously, which serves as the evident inspiration for DreamRide. During its five minutes of running time, you’ll see Hopkins biking along glaciers, canyons, forests, mountains, and more, with shots taken from Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon, and Washington.

Or at least you will if you see DreamRide for yourself below. The film is a product of Juicy Studios, which specializes in outdoor photography and films, and you can check out more of their stuff at their official account on Vimeo right here.

Here’s the video:

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