Home Style ‘Dreamball: Bob Burnquist’ Video From Hurley (Video)

‘Dreamball: Bob Burnquist’ Video From Hurley (Video)

by Joseph
Dreamball Bob Burnquist by Hurley

Dreamball Bob Burnquist by Hurley

Clothing brand Hurley is currently trying to get the word out on their “Phantom Brasil National Team” collection, and to do so they’ve enlisted the help of soccer fan Bob Burnquist. The result is a pretty cool video titled Dreamball: Bob Burnquist, and it shows Bob doing some pretty impressive stuff both with his usual skateboard and with a soccer ball.

The pairing of Burnquist and the “Phantom Brasil National Team” collection from Hurley is a natural one, as he is a Brazilian native and a big fan of the Brazilian soccer team, currently competing in this year’s World Cup. And I have to say, even Neymar would probably scoff at some of the stuff Burnquist does in this video.

You can watch Hurley’s Dreamball: Bob Burnquist video below. And to shop the collection advertised therein, all you have to do is go to Hurley’s online store here, where it’s available now.

Here’s the video:


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