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Dream Pops: 3D Printed Desserts Now at LA Starbucks

by Joseph
Dream Pops

Dream Pops

People who don’t live in Los Angeles probably assume that everybody there eats 3D printed desserts all the time, but actually it seems to be a pretty new development. Dream Pops is a brand that prints up frozen vegan treats, and they’ve teamed up with Starbucks to peddle their wares at the chain’s Los Angeles locations.

Dream Pops will be available at select LA ‘Bucks between now and October 5th, but clearly they are a summer treat and holding them until October is some strange form of corporate courtesy. They’ll reportedly only be available from five locations in LA, though: La Brea and 4th, Melrose and Stanley, Third Street Promenade, Wilshire and Santa Monica, and San Vincente and Barrington — forgive me, I just slipped into an episode of The Californians for a second there.

Check out Dream Pops’ Instagram account here for pics of Californians enjoying their fancy 3D printed ice pops.

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