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Drawbotics Creates 3D Floor Plans From TV Shows (Pics)

by Joseph

There’s a sensation that is familiar to anyone who’s spent a lot of time watching a TV show—you begin to feel like you know the characters, and feel comfortable in their homes and workplaces. And if you’ve formed a relationship like that with any of the following shows—The Office, Parks and Recreation, Suits, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Mad Men, The IT Crowd, and Silicon Valley—you should experience a pleasurable buzz of familiarity when you see these new TV show floor plans from Drawbotics.

The people at Drawbotics purportedly spent hundreds of hours watching (studying might be more like it) the shows in question in order to make their floor plans accurate to the smallest detail. And they certainly look alright to me!

You can check my work by taking a look at Drawbotics’ TV show floor plans in the gallery below. And for more information on the project, head over to the official Drawbotics blog right here.


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