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DRAS Foldable Tech From R&D Core

by Joseph


Imagine being able to actually fold your phone and tabled into an even more compact size and shape when you’re not using it. Formerly a fantasy from The Jetsons, it’s not at least theoretically possible, in the form of DRAS concept foldable technology recently unveiled by R&D Core.

DRAS stands for Digital Resistive Area Sensing, and it basically expands the capabilities of touchscreen technology into entirely unprecedented areas, thanks to its ability be folded and unfolded at the will of the user. According to R&D Core, it doesn’t break, and you also can’t interact with it by accident, so that’s two common smartphone problem that may be folded into oblivion before too long.

Of course, DRAS is just in the concept here, but you can sign up for a demo kit and get a bunch more information on how it works, what it can do, and so on at R&D Core’s official site here.

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