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Drake Merch: Good or Bad?

by Kevin Nardone

Drake has one of the more difficult personas to pinpoint in all of pop culture. Yeah, he is an absolute superstar, but then again, there was that period of time where Twitter was dominated by tweets of, “Drake be like…”

And that is hardly the only fashion in which the multi-millionaire rap star has been meme-ified.

But considering how objectively “cool” his life is—is actually kind of refreshing. Probably keeps him honest. And for a guy that has all of these corny moments built into his aura, he has actually put out some pretty sweet merch over the years.

And like his music, he didn’t get pigeon-holed into one particular style, instead showing his range. Even this ‘Hotline Bling” hat from 2015 is pretty dope.

I don’t know that I’d go and drop $45 USD on it, but hey to each their own.

Either way—for all his cornball tendencies and all the flack he gets (much of which is undeserved) the guy puts out some quality merch.

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