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‘Dragon Ball Legends’ Mobile Fighting Game (Video)

by Joseph
Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends

It seems like pretty much every day as I trawl the internet for cultural tidbits, there’s some development in the sprawling multimedia Dragon Ball franchise. I tend to ignore most of it, since I’m one of the only 30-year-olds alive who never watched Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z as a kid, but in the interest of inclusion I’m bringing you the trailer for the upcoming mobile game called Dragon Ball Legends.

Dragon Ball Legends lets smartphone gamers step onto the battlefield with beloved characters like Goku, Frieza and Piccolo, which even a dunce like me has heard of, and old but unseen-as-of-late favorites like Pan. Dragon Ball architect Akira Toriyama is also said to have created a brand new original character for the game, the trailer for which you can enjoy below:

Dragon Ball Legends is slated to come out sometime this summer, but you can get more info and pre-register for the game right here.


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