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Draft Top: Turn Cans Into Glasses

by Joseph
Draft Top

Draft Top

The sensation of drinking cold beer from a glass is sometimes just straight-up better than drinking it from a can. And if you’ve ever wished you’d never again have to settle for a can when you want a glass, there’s a product now raising funds on Kickstarter to make your wish a reality – the Draft Top by Armand Ferranti.

The Draft Top can separate the top of a beer can from the rim with four handle-activated splitters built into the device. Then, you can enjoy whatever beer (or soda) you have inside without any of the minor annoyances associated with drinking out of cans, like slightly metallic flavor.

You’ve got a little over a month to contribute to the Draft Top’s Kickstarter campaign here – and you’d better if you want to have one, since it still has a lot of money left to raise before the campaign ends.

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