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Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania the Location of Airbnb Giveaway

by Joseph
Dracula's castle

Dracula's castle

If there’s a list of the coolest places to spend Halloween night, Dracula’s castle has to be at the very top. And since there is, technically speaking, a real-life castle that can be described as such, the folks at Airbnb have arranged for one lucky winner and guest to do just that.

The proper name of Dracula’s castle is Bran Castle, which was the home of the infamous Vlad the Impaler back in the 15th century. And it’s not just a Halloween night stay in the most famous evil lair in history that you’re getting, but a whole spooky experience courtesy of Dacre Stoker, descendant of Bram (and author of the recent novel Dracula the Un-Dead)  who wrote the original Dracula novel:

“Dacre Stoker, Bram Stoker’s great grandnephew, will answer your knock on the castle’s imposing wooden doors. He will be your host for the night, and resident expert on Transylvanian lore. Enter the castle and explore the labyrinth of lamp-lit corridors, creepy nooks, and squeaky staircases while there is still light in the sky. You may traipse through all fifty-seven rooms, from lofty tower lookouts to deep dark crypts, and even enjoy an incomparable view of the Carpathians from the terrace as the sun makes its final descent. But once darkness comes, retreat inside. Unexpected guests have been known to come knocking in the moonlit hours.”

You can read up on the whole experience at the Dracula’s castle Airbnb listing right here, where you can also enter. If you’re not in Romania, a flight there and back is included in the prize, and if you are in Romania, you’re probably sick of hearing about Dracula anyway.

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