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Doxie Go Wireless Rechargeable Scanner

by Joseph
Doxie Go

Doxie Go

Unless you have a fully appointed home office setup, there’s a chance that you’ve had to run all around town looking for a scanner you can use. But if this is something you find yourself doing on the reg, the Doxie Go is the wireless, rechargeable paper scanner that was formerly only available in your dreams.

Best of all, the Doxie Go doesn’t require a computer to work, which means you really can scan documents on the go. The resultant scans are then saved to the mobile device of your choice, or delivered to cloud-based destinations like Dropbox or Slack. It’s small and lightweight enough to put it with your stuff and forget about it — until, of course, it’s time to scan.

You can get more information on the Doxie Go at the product’s official site here, where prices start at $179 and up, with additional options like WiFi available at an additional charge.

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