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Double Shot: A Coffee Mug That’s Also An Espresso Shot

by Joseph
Double Shot

If space is limited enough in your house or apartment, it’s possible that you’ve stared down into the deep recesses of your favorite coffee mug and thought, “I wish there was something I could do with all that room in there other than just drinking coffee out of it.” If you’re also an espresso fan as well as a coffee drinker, your fantasies have finally come true, in the form of the Double Shot.

The Double Shot is ostensibly a regular coffee mug, albeit an unusually stylish one made out of hand-blown glass. But flip it over and the unassuming hollow at the bottom of the mug is suddenly a 1.5-ounce espresso cup.

If you’re in the middle of that tricky Venn diagram of the space-obsessed, coffee-drinking espresso addict, the Double Shot’s $14 asking price at the Cool Material online store here might seem too good to be true. But as you can see in the gallery below, the Double Shot is all too real.

Here are the photos:


Double ShotDouble ShotDouble Shot

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