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Double Down Dog: Horrifying KFC Hot Dog Unveiled

by Joseph
KFC Double Down Dog

KFC Double Down Dog

The fast food chain formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken have outdone themselves with the latest installment of the terrifying Double Down saga. It’s the Double Down Dog, a food item that should only be consumed under the directive of an official double dog dare.

Put simply, the Double Down Dog is a hot dog with a piece of fried chicken in lieu of the bun. How KFC managed to shape chicken into the shape of a makeshift hot dog bun is a mystery, but let’s face it, it probably isn’t any more disgusting than what goes into a normal hot dog (and quite possibly less so).

Right now, the KFC Double Down Dog is only available in the Philippines, where it’s selling a reported average of 50 hot dogs per location per day. That sounds like a lot to me, but apparently it’s not, so whether the Double Down Dog will make it to a wider market is unknown. But before you start praying for a miracle, you might want to take a look at this tweet:


If, for some reason, you now want more from KFC, you can check out the restaurant’s official website here.


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