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‘Double Century’: The Largest Yacht in the World Will Cost $770M (Photos)

by Joseph
Double Century

United Arab Emirates president Khalifa bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan is the current owner of the world’s largest yacht, a 590-foot behemoth. But it’s about to get blown out of the water by the Double Century, a craft that, once completed, will be the biggest yacht in the world at 656 feet long. What next, a 700-foot-long yacht?

The Double Century was designed by Christopher Seymour, who said that the boat is intended to “be the next step in the evolution of gigayachts,” which at least partially explains why it will carry an estimated $770 million price tag—as does its not one but two different helipads on deck.

As for when the Double Century will actually be ready to set sail, that information is still to be announced. But you can see a few renderings of the craft in the gallery below. And you can get some more information in a full press release on the project over at yacht sale website 4Yacht.com here.

Here’s the gallery:

Double CenturyDouble CenturyDouble CenturyDouble CenturyDouble Century

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