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Dot Watch: “The First Braille Smartwatch” (Video)

by Joseph
The Dot Watch

The Dot Watch

An anonymous poet once wrote, “envy the blind, for they cannot see the horrors that await them.” That may or may not be so, but now there’s another reason to envy the blind that has nothing to do with unseen horrors: It’s the Dot Watch, billed as “the first braille smartwatch” ever invented.

The Dot Watch uses “DOT Active Braille” technology to integrate tactile motion into the braille visual language, for a watch that provides many of the typical smartwatch functions within the context of braille. It gives the visually impaired a portal into the world of social media and digital communication that hasn’t been available up to now.

You can see how the Dot Watch works in the introductory video below. And to place an order for a $290 Braille smartwatch, or to get more information on what it can do, just head over to the official Dot site right here.

Here’s the video:

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