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Doro Grill Forks for Approaching Barbecue Season

by Joseph
Doro Grill Forks

Doro Grill Forks

It might be quite cold outside where you are, but hopefully it isn’t too cold to start thinking about summer grilling season, which will be here before you know it. An investment in some Doro Grill Forks might be a good idea for when that happens, since they’re a marked improvement on the usual grill implements (or at least those that grow on trees).

Doro Grill Forks are designed to maintain the rustic charm of using a wooden stick to skewer marshmallows or other grilled foods, but without the possibly-unhygienic necessity of eating dirt and/or insects. They fit onto sticks or branches of a variety of sizes, and they stay put as you rotate for the best reach onto the grill.

You can get a set of two Doro Grill Forks at the Cooper Hewitt online store right here. Sticks and stones may be cheaper, but don’t forget that they also break your bones.

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