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Doritos Rainbows Released for LGBT Nonprofit ‘It Gets Better’

by Joseph
Doritos Rainbows

Doritos Rainbows

When the Supreme Court determined that gay marriage is the law of the land, some cultural commentators wondered if this was the end of “gay chic” now that same-sex couples were equally recognized by the law. Perhaps the first sign that this scenario has indeed come true is Doritos Rainbows, a special limited edition Doritos flavor to raise funds for LGBT nonprofit charity ‘It Gets Better.’

Doritos Rainbows don’t taste like Skittles like you might be thinking – instead, they’re merely multicolored variants of the popular Cool Ranch flavor, clearly the most x-treme of the primary core Doritos flavors.

If you’re crushed about gay Doritos going mainstream, chin up, because Doritos Rainbows won’t be available in grocery stores. To get a bag, you have to make a donation of ten dollars or more, which you can do at the It Gets Better x Doritos site right here. Taste the rainbow, etc.

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