Home Entertainment Donald Glover’s Voice Finally Gets Cast as Spider-Man (Video)

Donald Glover’s Voice Finally Gets Cast as Spider-Man (Video)

by Joseph
Donald Glover Voicing Spider-Man

Donald Glover Voicing Spider-Man

There’s been a sizable contingent of people who’ve been praying, begging, and pleading for Community alum Donald Glover to be cast as Miles Morales, the alter-ego of Spider-Man in an adaptation of Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man comic. And their wish has come true—if Glover voicing the character in an animated TV series based on the comic counts.

The show is called Ultimate Spider-Man: Web-Warriors, otherwise known as the third season of the preexisting Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon on Disney XD. Glover will voice Morales on the show, and who knows? Given the disappointing box office performance of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, maybe a big-screen adaptation of Ultimate Spider-Man is on the way.

The arc of Ultimate Spider-Man: Web-Warriors, which has Spider-Man traveling to various parallel universes and meeting his counterparts there (one of which is voiced by Glover) is set to air next year, but you can get a look at the meeting in the preview clip below.

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