Home Tech & Gear Dom’Up: $28K Treehouse Takes Treehouses to the Next Level (Photos)

Dom’Up: $28K Treehouse Takes Treehouses to the Next Level (Photos)

by Joseph

When my dad built a treehouse for my little brother and I to sit in and think about how much cooler it would be if we had a TV in the treehouse, he didn’t disclose the financial details involved. But I’m guessing he dropped about $50 counting time and labor, which makes the $28,000 it takes to have a Dom’Up treehouse of your own seem just a tad extravagant.

Dom’Up hails from the land of Belgium, where the middle class is still strong enough to drop several thousand dollars on a fancy treehouse. But never let it be said that they don’t get their money’s worth – this is one serious treehouse, with a 172 square foot platform on top of which rests a UV-resistant double-canvas tent shelter.

But why read about Dom’Up when you can actually see it in the gallery below? And if you have a spare tree and $28,000 just sitting around doing nothing, you can go about acquiring one at the product’s official (and Belgian) site right here.

Here’s the gallery:


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