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Domino’s Reindeer Delivery Coming to Japan

by Joseph
Domino's Reindeer Delivery

Domino's Reindeer Delivery

I realize I sound like a broken record at this point, but it gets clearer and clearer every day that anyone who’s truly passionate about insane fast food promotional novelties should think about moving to Japan. The latest example? Domino’s reindeer delivery, reportedly being tested out by the delivery joint in anticipation of a particularly cold winter in Japan.

To be clear, Domino’s reindeer delivery entails pizza delivered via reindeer, not reindeer meat on pizza (although my relatives up north tell me it makes a delicious topping). Right now, the service is being tested in the particularly icy area of Ishikari, Hokkaido, and if all goes to plan pizza-lovers in Japan will be able to depend on the same efficiency and reliability that Santa Claus himself gets on his yearly trip around the world.

You can read up on the Domino’s reindeer delivery project right here. And maybe this holiday season, leave some pizza out for old St. Nick in lieu of the usual cookies.

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