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Domino’s Engagement Ring Revealed for Valentine’s Day

by Joseph
Domino's Engagement Ring

Domino's Engagement Ring

It’s Valentine’s Day folks, and that means the brands are acting a fool again. Most pizza joints have resigned to just doing the heart-shaped pizza thing, but Domino’s has once again gone a step further with a real diamond Domino’s engagement ring that will be given to one lucky couple thanks to Domino’s UK.

All you have to do to enter to win a Domino’s engagement ring is click “going” on the company’s #ValenDineIn event on Facebook. There’s also an associated Snapchat filter, but keep your eyes on the prize and you just might find yourself popping the question with a ring that looks like a tiny diamond pizza.

You can find the Domino’s UK Facebook event in question right here, where you can get a lot more details on the promotion and all the other goodies that come with that Domino’s engagement ring. Just remember to come up with a decent cover story in case your kids ever ask you how you and Mom got married.


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