Home Entertainment ‘Domino’s DXP VR’: A Virtual Reality Experience From Domino’s (Video)

‘Domino’s DXP VR’: A Virtual Reality Experience From Domino’s (Video)

by Joseph
Domino's DXP VR

Domino's DXP VR

You may have heard of the Domino’s DXP, the delivery joint’s specially-engineered car for making pizza deliveries. You may or may not care how a Domino’s pizza is transported from the store to your door, but you still may be interested in Domino’s DXP VR, a new virtual reality experience from Domino’s.

Domino’s DXP VR lets you sit behind the wheel of the DXP, although unlike a conscientious Domino’s delivery driver you have free rein to look all around you as the car makes its way to its destination to deliver a pizza to a former nemesis. There are lots of fun cartoony details along the way, like when the car stops to allow Godzilla to cross the street, but one thing you can’t do is look behind you and see out of the car – it’s a free VR commercial for Domino’s, what do you want?

You can check out Domino’s DXP VR, even if you don’t have a virtual reality headset, for yourself below. And more weird video content can be found from Domino’s on YouTube right here.


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