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Domino’s Baby Registry: Celebrate Parenting Milestones with Pizza

by Joseph
Domino's Baby Registry

Domino's Baby Registry

Gift registry company Gugu Guru has been enlisted by the pizza slangers at Domino’s to collaborate on another themed gift registry, following the apparent success of the Domino’s Wedding Registry earlier this year. It’s the Domino’s Baby Registry, with a variety of “pizza packages” for the young parents in your life, synchronized to the milestones that almost all parents go through.

That means pizza packages with names like “Hormonal and Hangry,” “Date Night at Home,” and the eternally optimistic “Sleeping Through the Night.” Here’s Domino’s director of digital marketing, Meenakshi Nagarajan on the project:

“There’s nothing more exciting — and exhausting — than welcoming a new member to the family. From baby showers to the big delivery, our baby registry makes it easy to enjoy pizza during the exciting events leading up to the baby’s arrival and thereafter.”

To check out the Domino’s Baby Registry, whether to browse the pizza packages or sign up for a registry yourself, head to its official site right here. Many blessings, and toppings, to you and yours.

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