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Does Apple Hate Parents?

by Kevin Nardone

Apple, which in my opinion has gotten a huge pass as a grimy multinational corporation, is in the news again!

And no, it is not about their horrific factories overseas or nuking the battery on their overpriced phones so consumers have to buy a new one while the old one is still in working condition.

This time, the global giant has refused to refund a parent, Jessica Johnson, whose child spent $16K USD on Sonic Forces in the app store.

Very classy, Apple. 16 grand is a drop in the bucket for them too. Maybe just refund the woman???

Now, on to the other party involved. I am not going to pretend to know what Sonic Forces is, but I can only imagine the user experience is not worth $16,000.

Jessica – just download Snake and call it day. I played that game on my Dad’s flip phone for no less than 20,000 hours as a kid—and it didn’t cost a cent.

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