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DOERS.coffee: Custom, Personalized Coffee Deliveries

by Joseph


How much control do you want over your coffee? If you’re a casual coffee drinker, content with the blends of others, the answer is probably different from those most likely to use DOERS.coffee, a new service that allows users to select and create their own custom coffee blends that are then delivered to their doors.

DOERS.coffee offers users a variety of blends from all over the world that can be mixed and matched as desired. Then, the blend is roasted to the user’s precise specifications regarding variables like flavor intensity and temperature. And even that isn’t the full extent of the user’s (or doer’s) choices, since the resultant blend can be delivered to your house in whole bean form, ground, as Nespresso capsules, or Keurig K-Cups.

The service is currently raising funds on Kickstarter here, but the first DOERS.coffee deliveries are starting next month, with prices starting at $15 and up.

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