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‘Dodgeball’ Cast Reunites for Charity (Video)

by Joseph


I don’t know White Goodman personally. but he’s never struck me as the particularly charitable type. Luckily for society as a whole, the actor who portrays him is, and Ben Stiller and some of the rest of the cast of Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story are teaming up to raise money for the Stiller Foundation.

The Dodgeball reunion is one of those Omaze charity projects, and donors get the chance to win a place on the – court? field? wherever it is dodgeball is played – when the Purple Cobras go up against Average Joe’s for one last grudge match. The winner will also get a team photo as well as the opportunity to eat pizza with Stiller after the game.

The whole affair was announced to the world in the lamentably Pepper Brooks-less video below. And to donate, or to get more information, head over to Omaze’s official page for the Dodgeball experience right here.

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