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Documentary About Unmade Nic Cage Superman Movie Seeking Funding (Video)

by Joseph
Nicolas Cage as Superman

Nicolas Cage as Superman

Pretty much everybody loves Nicolas Cage nowadays. But believe it or not, there was a time when a movie with Nic Cage playing Superman wasn’t ushered into theaters on a trail of rose petals and pure love. The project was called Superman Lives, and was going to be director Tim Burton’s return to the superhero genre after Batman Returns.

The film was developed in the midst of the comic book Superman’s heavily promoted “death,” and was to feature such sights as Superman’s arch-enemy Brainiac blocking out the sun and draining Superman of his powers, a crazy glowing “regenerating suit,” a giant spider, and more. But none of those things can really compete with Nic Cage at the height of his flowing-haired glory in costume as Superman, which is the killer ace in a documentary about the project’s sleeve.

That documentary, called The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?, is now in the final stages of its fundraising process, which you can check out here. But more importantly, you can watch the proof-of-concept/trailer for the documentary below, and it actually has footage of Nicolas Cage as Superman in it.


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