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Dobbsland: Grandfather Builds Homemade Amusement Park in Backyard (Video)

by Joseph


More than half a century ago, a man by the name of Walt Disney had a dream: To build the greatest amusement park of all time, and to charge people increasingly insane amounts of money to visit it. Since then, that dream has expanded to not just a bevy of expensive amusement parks but a global media empire, but the time has come for the torch to be passed to our generation’s Walt Disney: Steve Dobbs, founder of Dobbsland.

Dobbsland was built by Mr. Dobbs, a retired aeronautical engineer, in his own backyard as a kind of homegrown Disneyland for his grandkids. Admission for them is free, and it’s unlikely Dobbs will decide to charge anyone else for the privilege of riding his rides, since such a business model is a good way to add a brand new piece of Disney stationary, courtesy of the company’s lawyers, to your collection.

Rumor has it that Steve Dobbs’ frozen head can be found somewhere on Dobbsland property, which is strange since he’s still alive. You can see him and his family enjoying the rides in the video below, courtesy of The Orange County Register, where you can read more about Dobbsland right here.

Here’s the video:

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