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DNews Shows How to Minimize Hangovers (Video)

by Joseph

#4 hangover

The hangover is the almost universal price everybody has to pay for a fun night out, provided that fun night involves alcohol consumption. But is there a way to reduce the effect of a hangover by choosing your drinks wisely? That’s what The Discovery Channel’s DNews tried to find out in their report entitled “Which Alcohol Gives the Worst Hangover?”

DNews’ findings reflect other scientific studies on the hangover, which is basically that the darker the beverage, the more congeners it contains, and the worse the hangover will be. That doesn’t explain why a vodka hangover has the power it does, but I guess it does give the hangover-weary a place to start that isn’t “stop drinking entirely.”

If you’ve got 4 minutes to spare, you can check out DNews’ “Which Alcohol Gives the Worst Hangover?” in the video below. And remember this day the next time someone tells you investigative journalism is dead.


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