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Dmitry Kalmykov Specializes in Tattoo-Inspired Jewelry

by Joseph
Dmitry Kalmykov

Dmitry Kalmykov

As tattoos have gotten more and more mainstream, the style of tattoos has evolved and changed since the days when they were the domain of sailors and serious iconoclasts. It’s those old-school tattoo designs that inspire artist Dmitry Kalmykov to create his unique rings, only available directly from him.

Dmitry Kalmykov displays his work on his Instagram account, and it’s full of the classic (some might say stereotypical) tattoo imagery of another era, including roses, hearts, birds, daggers — there may even be a “Mom” or two in there. And unlike an actual tattoo, you can take off the ring whenever you feel like it.

You can browse Dmitry Kalmykov’s Instagram account right here, where there’s also a link to inquire about purchasing one of the artist’s rings

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