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DJ Obi Breaks World Record With 10-Day DJ Set

by Joseph
DJ Obi Record-Breaking DJ Set

DJ Obi Record-Breaking DJ Set

I don’t know what you did between June 22nd and July 2nd, but whatever it was, it was happening concurrently with an (I hate this word, but it truly applies here) epic, record-shattering DJ set by DJ Obi. For 240 hours, Obi kept the dance floor moving to satisfy the requirements of the Guinness World Record for longest DJ set, breaking the previous record by 40 hours.

Those requirements for the 240-straight hours of DJing aren’t quite what you might be imagining, but they’re close: No song repeats within each 4-hour block, at least one dancer on the floor throughout the set, five-minute bathroom breaks each hour, and two (sleep-free, in DJ Obi’s case) rest hours per day. According to Obi himself in a BBC interview, the DJ “woke up hallucinating after 4 or 5 days and had lost full control of my body” – sounds awesome.

You can read up on DJ Obi’s record-breaking, 10-day DJ set right here.


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