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Disney Prosthetic Arms From Open Bionics

by Joseph
Disney Prosthetic Arms

Disney Prosthetic Arms

After their recent acquisitions of Star Wars and Marvel Comics (two fictional realities in which limb loss plays a huge role), Disney pretty much had no choice but to increase their corporate presence in the field of prosthetic limbs. Which is my annoying way of introducing what’s actually a very cool thing – a line of Disney prosthetic arms produced in conjunction with Open Bionics and Disney’s Techstars Accelerator.

In the near future, children in need of prosthetic arms will be able to choose from Star Wars, Marvel, and Frozen-branded prostheses, which makes Disney proesthetic arms the best in the game from the average child’s perspective. I just hope this doesn’t lead to a rash of children trying to intentionally disembody their own arms so they can get cool robotic ones instead.

Open Bionics received a generous grant from Disney, as well as an exemption from Disney’s license royalties, to put out their line of Disney prosthetic arms, so it’s a project that all parties seem to agree is for a good cause. You can see more about the project, as well as other Open Bionics innovations, at the company’s website right here.

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