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‘Dismaland’: Rumor Says Disney-Mocking Banksy Exhibition Opening Soon

by Joseph


As a company, Disney has such a huge target on its back that making fun of it, particularly its theme parks, doesn’t really count as “subversive” anymore. But maybe Banksy is so subversive that he’s subverting conventional ideas about what constitutes subversion with his reportedly in-the-works Dismaland project.

As rumor has it, Dismaland is a massive, anti-amusement park constructed at the Tropicana, a 10,200-square-foot abandoned swimming complex in Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, England. It was built under the false pretext of a feature film by Banksy, but rumors about the project’s true nature kicked into high gear when it became clear there weren’t any camera crews around where the park was being built.

Dismaland is rumored to be opening this weekend, in which case fans would then be able to get up-close looks at the pop-up’s riffs on Cinderella’s Castle and other Disneyland touchstones. Until then, you can read more about the rumors surrounding the project at The Daily Beast here.

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