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DipClip: A Dipping Sauce Holder for the Car

by Joseph


I often imagine what Jack the Dipper‘s car – which I have dubbed DIPP – is like. One essential component of this imaginary automobile would have to be a space for dipping sauce while popping McNuggets behind the wheel, a fantastical, impractical device for those of us who inhabit the real world. OR IS IT?? Enter the DipClip.

The DipClip is a clip, you know, for dip, that hooks to your car’s AC/heater vent to give you a place to keep dipping sauce handy. It has a novel 5-in-1 aperture that fits pretty much any standard single serving dipping cup out there, and there’s even a small space to squeeze out some ketchup for fries. Finally, the only reason not to scarf down fast food while careening down the interstate is that you might get distracted and plow into another driver.

Check out the DipClip on Kickstarter right here, where pre-orders start at $15.

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