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Digital Sky In-Flight Entertainment Prototype From Thales Group

by Joseph
Thales Group Digital Sky

Thales Group Digital Sky

Watching TV or a movie on an airplane, like most other aspects of air travel, is pretty miserable. But aerospace company Thales Group recently unveiled a prototype for technology that would vastly improve the in-flight entertainment experience: It’s called Digital Sky.

The first and arguably most important innovation offered by Digital Sky is the huge upsize of the screen, which in this system measures a respectable 21.3 inches. That extra screen size is obviously great for watching films or TV shows, but other features include duty free shopping, digital in-flight magazines, and anything else they can pack into a touchscreen interface.

Unfortunately, since the Thales Digital Sky is only a prototype at this point, it will be a while before you start to see it on an airplane near you. But you can read more about it from The Points Guy here.

It’s nice to know that someone out there still cares about visual presentation.

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