Home Entertainment ‘Digital Cosmetics’: VFX Artist Demonstrates De-Aging Technique (Video)

‘Digital Cosmetics’: VFX Artist Demonstrates De-Aging Technique (Video)

by Joseph
Digital Cosmetics

Digital Cosmetics

There’s a video making the rounds online that’s sure to grab the attention of every single person older than, oh, I’ll say 40, in Hollywood. It’s called Digital Cosmetics, and it’s a demonstration of Rousselos Aravantinos’s VFX work in NUKE and MOCHA Pro to make actress Michele Valley look at least 20 years younger.

The Digital Cosmetics video is a simple 30-second shot of Valley smoking a cigarette, with various split-screens and wipes showing what the actress looks like in real life vs what she looks like after Aravantinos’ VFX makeover. It’s not 100% photorealistic, and her blinks look a little weird to me, but it’s nevertheless an extremely impressive demo, and proof that in a couple years’ time you won’t be able to trust anything you see unless it’s happening right in front of you.

You can watch Digital Cosmetics below. And Aravantinos’ Vimeo account can be found here, to see more of his visual effects work.

Here’s the video:

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