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Diet Pepsi Recipe Change-Up Now On Shelves

by Joseph
Diet Pepsi

Diet Pepsi

For the first time in 30 years, the Diet Pepsi you see at your local grocery store will be significantly different, thanks to Pepsi‘s pledge to remove the artificial (and controversial) sweetener aspartame from the soda‘s formulation.

The change is not some fly-by-night affair, with the new Diet Pepsi recipe reported to be around two years in the making, following both consumer backlash against the sweetener and sagging sales of the soda. The change was overseen by Pepsi Senior VP Seth Kaufman, who is quoted in Bloomberg saying the flavor will remain unchanged:

“We obviously wanted to do it in the context of a phenomenal-tasting Diet Pepsi that our consumers will know and love because it’s very similar to the Diet Pepsi they’ve been drinking.”

While the taste of Diet Pepsi is supposed to be unchanged, the company is touting the updated formula with new silver cans that boast “now aspartame free.” Whether or not this change will be the shot in the arm the brand has long needed remains to be seen, but shipments of the new beverage were supposed to arrive on grocery store shelves today (Monday as of this writing), so maybe you can go pick up a can and try it for yourself.

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