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Dewitos: Mountain Dew Testing Doritos-Flavored Soda

by Joseph


Here’s a little bit of free advice to the executives out there running the major food and beverage companies of the world: If you want to drum up some free publicity online, just publicize a product too disgusting to imagine. Odds are, it’ll go viral, and there will be an army of people who will try whatever it is your sick mind can come up with on a dare. That seems to be the thinking behind Dewitos, the mysterious Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew that’s reportedly being tested on the Ohio University campus.

Dewitos first turned up in a post on Reddit, and is now making the rounds to other corners of the internet (including this one). And lest you think this was some kind of one-off Reddit prank, there was corroborative evidence over on Twitter:

Whether or not the market is prepared for a soda that tastes “like liquid cheese” is probably beside the point, since everyone is talking about Mountain Dew and Doritos now regardless. You can check out the original Reddit post here, and after that pretty much all you can do is pray that Dewitos never arrives at a grocery store or soda machine near you.

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