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DeWalt Phone: Tool Brand Unveils Rugged, Durable Smartphone

by Joseph
DeWalt Phone

DeWalt Phone

The DeWalt brand is known for its tools that are built to hold up under virtually any impact imaginable, with minimal wear and tear. If you’ve ever had to replace a smartphone due to its breaking down under pressure (and who hasn’t?), you can see the appeal of such a brand breaking into the smartphone game.  And so can the people at DeWalt, since they’ve recently unveiled the upcoming DeWalt Phone.

The DeWalt Phone is a smartphone with all the usual features of the form, but with added components meant to optimize the phone’s usefulness on a work site. It’s also extremely durable in the finest DeWalt tradition – dust, water, shocks, corrosive materials, extreme heat and cold, and extreme pressure are all powerless to stop it from ticking.

Release details and pricing info on the DeWalt Phone are still to come, but you can get a lot more information on the product’s technical specs and features at the official DeWalt site right here.


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