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Devon ‘Star Wars’ Watch Costs $28K

by Joseph
Devon Star Wars Watch

Devon Star Wars Watch

Star Wars fans are known for spending ungodly sums of money on frivolous pieces of movie merchandise – costumes, replica weapons, masks, and the like. But a new timepiece from Devon is likely to give even the die-hardest Star Wars fans pause, unless they happen to be millionaires on top – the Devon Star Wars watch.

The Devon Star Wars watch takes its design cues from the most stylish character in the Star Wars canon – Darth Vader. But you pretty much have to be a Sith lord to afford its $28,000 price tag, which, of course, also includes a pair of TIE Fighter cuff links, lest you think you’re being totally ripped off.

As a limited edition of only 500 pieces, the Devon Star Wars watch will be in short supply by design. But you can pre-order one with a $2,500 deposit at the Devon online store right here, backed by a non-evil two-year limited warranty.

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