Home Entertainment ‘Détour’: Michel Gondry’s Short Film Shot Entirely on iPhone 7 (Video)

‘Détour’: Michel Gondry’s Short Film Shot Entirely on iPhone 7 (Video)

by Joseph


Director Michel Gondry is famous for his lo-fi, handcrafted approach to making movies, which makes him a natural fit for Apple to demonstrate the filmmaking capacity of the iPhone 7. He shot an 11-minute short film entitled Détour (very different from the Edgar G Ulmer film Detour, mind you) with the device, and the result is pretty impressive.

Détour includes a wealth of cinematic technique, like stop-motion, timelapse, slow motion, and more, all the better to give you an idea of what is now possible with an iPhone 7 (and the filmmaking prowess of someone like Michel Gondry). It’s far from a dry technical demonstration, though, providing an emotional story about a French child’s lost tricycle.

If you’ve got 11 minutes to spare and a high tolerance for French whimsy, take a look at Détour below. And to learn all about how Gondry created the film, head over to the Apple UK site right here.

Here’s the movie:



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