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Desolenator: Solar-Powered Water Purification

by Joseph


Everybody loves water, but not everybody has access to as much clean water as they need. There are a lot of different possible solutions for this problem, many of which depend on various conditions and situations, but the Desolenator works for pretty much all of them. It’s a small, affordable, mobile, and solar-powered water purification system that can work for people out in the middle of the ocean, in the heart of a water-starved third world country, or anywhere else where clean water is scarce.

The Desolenator’s most impressive feature is probably its high-efficiency solar panel that can boil and purify water collected through the rainwater collection unit or pumped in from any other source. It’s also fully digital, with mobile connectivity and an LCD display allowing users to optimize the Desolenator’s already impressive capabilities.

The Desolenator is in its fundraising stage at IndieGoGo here, where you can support the Desolenator in a variety of ways. And if it takes off, you might even find yourself drinking from one in the near future.

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