Home Tech & Gear “Designed To Win” Custom Running Shoe Made With 3D Printer (Video)

“Designed To Win” Custom Running Shoe Made With 3D Printer (Video)

by Joseph

Designed To Win 3D printed shoe

Here’s a story that might seem too crazy to be true. A French Ph.D. student has developed a running shoethat can be produced with a “3D printer.”  For those unfamiliar with the capabilities of a 3D printer, it is a printer that is able to construct solid matter in the way that a traditional printer can put words and pictures on paper. The technology is still in its infancy, but the student has come up with a shoe, custom-fitted to any foot in the world, built with the 3D printer, and weighing only 96 grams!

The process used to synthesize the shoes is called selective laser sintering, and it could very well be the way of the future. Some say the shoes could be seen in the 2016 Olympics.  Unfortunately, they won’t be making an appearance in the upcoming 2012 London Games, since there isn’t enough time to get them approved by the International Olympics committee.

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