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Denon AH-D7100 Luxury Headphones

by Joseph

Denon AH-D7100

The luxury headphone market has experienced a resurgence as of late, thanks to work by Dr. Dre and other audiophiles in the field of headphones. Now, the people at Denon have unveiled their latest entry in the luxury headphone game: The AH-D7100, already being said to “deliver the superior sound quality of a fine music instrument.”

Among other complicated features, one of the most popular upgrades the AH-D7100 has to offer is detachable cables, so audiophiles can use their own high-quality cables for crystal-clear listening pleasure. The “luxury” tag also extends to the price, as the AH-D7100 headphones are currently listed on Denon’s website for a suggested retail price of $1,200.

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