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DeLorean DR-7: DeLorean Announces Flying Car Concept

by Joseph
DeLorean DR-7

DeLorean DR-7

2015 has come and gone, which means that DeLorean has only so many promotional options outside of the always dependable Back to the Future crutch. Their latest project is another staple of imagined future technology going back into the early part of the last century – flying cars. It’s the DeLorean DR-7, which the company hopes to have in the air by the end of next year.

For now, pretty much the only information we have on the DeLorean DR-7 are the concept image above of the vehicle in flight, and a few proposed technical specs: The concept model is 30 feet long and 18.5 feet wide, with two pairs of wings and two “winglets” in the back. That end of 2018 deadline mentioned earlier is for a working prototype of the DR-7, and DeLorean is hoping to come up with a car that can fly higher than all other flying car models.

Read more on the DeLorean DR-7 right here.

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