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Dell XPS One 27″ All-In-One Desktop

by Joseph

Dell XPS All-In-OneThe all-in-one desktop computer is commonly associated with Apple, but other computer companies are starting to move in on that corner of the market. The latest is Dell, who are meeting Apple where they live with their XPS One 27″ desktop machine featuring a 2560×1440 display that matches the iMac’s own.

On the inside of the machine, you’ll find a computer quite different from the iMac- with Ivy Bridge quad-core i5 and i7 processors and a Blu-ray player. All considered, this seems to be a worthy effort from Dell to enter into the world that the iMac pretty much owns. But it remains to be seen if they’ll be successful in earning a piece of that pie.

Want to give it a spin?  Ownership will cost you about $1400 if you get it from their website.

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