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Defakto One-Handed Watch

by Joseph

Defakto One Handed Watch

Telling time on an analog watch is quickly becoming a lost art.  First digital watches were the cause, and now we have cell phones and iPods and whatnot to blame for this.  However, that hasn’t stopped some from creating their own variation of the analog watch, as the people at Defakto are proving with their One-Handed Watch. Rather than an hour, minute, and second hand, these watches have just one hand that ticks ahead every five minutes, making two full rotations per day.

Once you get used to the new system, it becomes an easier and more elegant way to tell the time with a quick glance to your wrist. Plus, it probably makes a decent conversation-starter as well. With a variety of different styles available at Defakto’s website, these one-handed watches can be yours for a price ranging from $340 to $600, depending on the model.

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