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‘Death Wish’ Remake with Bruce Willis: Trailer (Video)

by Joseph
Death Wish

Death Wish

The original 1974 film Death Wish depicted New York City as a totally violent, crime-ridden dystopia. Now, 43 years later, the United States has a president that seems to have gotten much of his ideas about the world outside his own golden castle from movies just like it, so I guess it’s weirdly appropriate that there’s now going to be a remake starring Bruce Willis and directed by Hostel‘s Eli Roth.

Death Wish 2k17 could go any number of ways, but from the recently released trailer it looks like a pretty straightforward remake, one that seems a little more sympathetic to its hero’s insane quest for violent revenge against the home invaders who killed his family.

You can be sure that the new Death Wish will be the source of a lot of political debate, and since it’s an Eli Roth Specialty it will probably also have a lot of graphic gore effects – in that sense, it might be 2017’s The Passion of the Christ. Check out the trailer below, and in advance of the film’s November 22nd release you can take a look at its official site here.

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