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Death Wish Has The Strongest Coffee In The World

by Joseph

It’s not often you run across a coffee blend that seems to dare you to start each day with it. But that kind of confrontational title is what you get with Death Wish Coffee, a blend that has more than just a hardcore name. Death Wish Coffee comes from a special kind of coffee bean that has way more caffeine than your average coffee bean. So while it might not actually kill you, it will make you feel a little bit more jittery than you’re probably used to.

It’s said to be twice as powerful as the average cup of coffee you’d get at a coffee shop. So yeah, the name is probably hyperbole, but it also looks cool and makes a good conversation-starter.

Needless to say, Death Wish Coffee seems like a must-try for every adventurous coffee drinker out there.  If you just so happen to fall into that category, you can pick up some Death Wish Coffee for yourself at their website, here.  They offer it in various shapes and sizes, from a 2 oz. sample for $2.99, to a 5 lbs. bag of ground or whole beans for $80.  And to top things off, they also have a 60-day, 100% money back guarantee that this will be the strongest coffee you ever had.  Talk about confidence!

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