Home Entertainment ‘Death Race 2050’: New Red Band Trailer (Video)

‘Death Race 2050’: New Red Band Trailer (Video)

by Joseph
Death Race 2050

Death Race 2050

The classic exploitation film Death Race 2000 has already been remade once, as just Death Race. But now it appears that it’s getting a second lap, and in a spirit that’s much closer to the original’s (perhaps thanks to the involvement of producer Roger Corman). It’s Death Race 2050, and a new red band trailer for the film has made its way to the information superdeathway.

With Trump in the White House, the idea of a national competition to kill pedestrians via elaborately costumed racecars has become more plausible than ever, which makes the climate just right for Death Race 2050. And I didn’t just pull that Trump parallel out of my hat—the movie itself seems to play it up, particularly with Malcolm McDowell’s bizarre coif given special attention at the very end of the trailer.

You can watch the NSFW red band trailer for Death Race 2050 below. The film will be available to purchase on a murderer’s row of home video formats on January 17th, and in the meantime take a look at its official site here.

Ready … Set … KILL!:

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