Home Entertainment “Deadpool 2 Thanks You” with Help from the ‘Golden Girls’ (Video)

“Deadpool 2 Thanks You” with Help from the ‘Golden Girls’ (Video)

by Joseph
Deadpool 2 Thanks You

Deadpool 2 Thanks You

We seem to have entered a strange era in which audiences are “thanked” by filmmakers for making their movies financially successful. I’m not sure when this trend started, but at least Deadpool 2‘s contribution to the genre is fairly entertaining: Introducing “Deadpool 2 Thanks You.”

Deadpool 2 Thanks You” is one of those funny internet videos to be inspired by the sitcom title sequences of old. To be more specific, Golden Girls, the theme music for which is a surprisingly good fit with what I assume are the lighter moments of the film. And there’s just something funny about ragged, leathery Josh Brolin as Cable in a goofy sitcom context:

“Deadpool 2 Thanks You” for the film’s reported $363 million gross since it opened last weekend, so if you contributed in some small way to that box office figure you can consider this a personalized message just for you, for whatever that may be worth.

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